Local News for Monday 25th June 2018

Islands need vets
Stornoway’s Old Mill Veterinary practice has used emotive phrasing in their recruitment campaign for a new vet for the Isles of Lewis and Harris. In an ad on the jobsearch page Scottish Veterinary Jobs Alert, they wrote: “If there are any vets looking for a permanent job who fancies a beautiful location, consider Old Mill Practice on the Island of Lewis. It is the archetypical “James Herriot” type of mixed practice, where you get to do a bit of everything. This is a job where you will be part of the community and truly respected for that. The advert goes on to describe HebCelt, the northern lights, Harris gin and the famous beaches before concluding: “So don’t be put off by thinking it’s remote. Why not give it a go? You will end up loving living there.”

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Local News for Friday 22nd June 2018

HebCelt shop opening
The HebCelt shop is due to open on Monday in a new location, right on top of one of the festival’s open-air performance spaces opposite An Lanntair. It’s in the former Gazette shop, where festival-goers will be able to collect tickets, get merchandise and join in the festival atmosphere as the big event draws closer. HebCelt organisers are still looking for a handful of volunteers to join the team selling bar drinks tokens and Eco-cups. They are looking for a mature attitude to customer relations, good interpersonal skills and ability to interact positively under pressure. Cash handling experience necessary. You can apply via the festival website www.hebceltfest.com . This year’s festival runs from July 18th to 21st and will be headlined by the Fratellis and Decon Blue, with world class acts including Eddi Reader, Roddy Woomble and Skipinnish also in the four-day line-up. Local festival-goers are encouraged to collect their tickets early before visitors make the trip to Lewis, swelling the Stornoway population to more than twice its usual size.

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Local News for Thursday 21st June 2018

Water shortage plea
Scottish Water is asking customers in the greater Stornoway area to use their water wisely. Prolonged dry weather has caused lower than normal water levels in Loch Mor an Stairr, which supplies Stornoway Water Treatment Works (WTW). The works supplies drinking water to the whole of Stornoway and Point and to Broadbay as far as Coll. Water from nearby Loch Scarabhat Mhor is being used to boost the available supply, but Scottish Water is asking customers to take simple water efficiency measures to help maintain continued supplies to homes and businesses. Steps you can take include turning off the tap when brushing teeth and shaving, taking a shorter shower and using a bucket of water instead of a hose to wash your car. Businesses are also being asked to cut their water use. Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s chief operating officer, said: “We are encouraging everyone to take simple steps to use water wisely. By doing so, we can significantly reduce water usage which ensures that we continue to provide clear, fresh water to customers in the area.” Scottish Water has put together a free water saving pack which has some gadgets, such as tap aerators and shower timers, to save water in the kitchen, bathroom and garden.

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Local News for Wednesday 20th June 2018

Iron Age House re-turfed
The Iron Age House roof at Bosta has been completely re-roofed, in one marathon six-hour session, thanks to local volunteers. As a reconstruction of one of the original Iron Age Houses found at Bosta, the house is also an experimental archaeological site. Because there was no evidence of what the roof was made of, different roofing techniques have been tried, first thatch and now turf. Five years ago a layer of turf dug from the surrounding area and the common grazing was laid. This proved insufficient for the job and by this spring was mostly gone, due to weather and rabbit damage. Having tried to find suitable turf in the area, Bernera Historical Society decided to import turf from the mainland and lay it over the roof area. This time three to four layers have been applied across the whole area which is hoped will knit together and provide a deeper and longer lasting surface. There was some turf left over and this was laid in the Bosta Cemetery to cover some of the bare patches, while excess compost was given to the Community polytunnels.

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Local News for Tuesday 19th June 2018

Horshader café closes suddenly
The community café based at Raebhat House in Shawbost has closed unexpectedly, leaving regulars wondering what has gone on behind the scenes. Horshader Community Development Trust announced last week that the café and shop would be closed, and have since announced that the shop only has re-opened on weekdays between 10am and 4pm. The café has had a stop-start history, but was recently building up a good reputation with home-baking and freshly-prepared foods, including options for people with dietary intolerances. A new Facebook group, Shawbost Eats, has been set up for those interested in future initiatives in the area.

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