Local News for Wednesday 17th August 2016

Air exclusion round grounded rig
A new exclusion area covering the air around the grounded oil rig at Dalmore beach has been put in force – any aircraft or drone not involved in the operation that breaches that zone will be prosecuted. Hugh Shaw, the Secretary of State’s Representative (SOSREP) for Maritime Salvage & Intervention said: ‘The exclusion zone has been put in place for the safety of the operational aircraft working at the scene and also for the teams carrying out their surveys and assessments. Our priority there is to make sure the operation is not compromised.’

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Local News for Tuesday 16th August 2016

Oil rig – open meeting again on Thursday
The Secretary of State’s Representative Hugh Shaw and Transocean have announced a public information meeting about the grounded oil rig, Transocean Winner, which now has salvage workers aboard at its location on Dalmore beach. The new meeting’s to be held at 8pm on Thursday 18th August at Carloway Community Centre, where the salvage plan will be explained and questions answered. Representatives of all the agencies involved in the current stabilisation and salvage of the grounded rig will be there. On Monday night MSP Alasdair Allan, Police Inspector Roddie MacKay and local councillor Cudig MacLeod took questions from about 90 people who attended a meeting called by the local community association. Dr Allan said the meeting showed strength of feeling on the part of Carloway residents and gave a useful opportunity to discuss the impact of the oil rig grounding to the community.

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Local News for Monday 15th August 2016

Salvors aboard grounded rig
A team of eight salvage workers yesterday went aboard the Transocean Winner – the oil rig grounded on rocks at Dalmore – and were expected to stay aboard and make the rig habitable for a work crew to stay overnight.  The team went aboard using ropes and climbing equipment, after landing by helicopter winch proved impossible in the weather conditions. Owners Transocean and salvors Smit will now carry out a full assessment of the rig and will look at how diesel oil stored in tanks could be transferred to a safe location in other unbreached tanks above the waterline, before refloating the rig starts. An extra helicopter was brought to the site yesterday afternoon to help with the work.

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Local News for Friday 12th August 2016

53 tonnes of leaked diesel ‘will evaporate’
Diesel leakage from the grounded oil rig Transocean Winner should disperse naturally, according to pollution experts on the scene at Dalmore, where the rig remains fast on rocks. The MCA said no pollution had been detected in the area, though they continue observations on scene. Salvors earlier said that two of the four diesel fuel tanks on the rig have been breached, with an estimated 53 tonnes of diesel lost. Salvors will confirm how much diesel remains in the tanks during the course of the salvage operation. Diesel is a light, non-persistent oil with lower environmental risks than heavy black crude oil. The MCA counter-pollution surveillance aircraft has flown over the location and surrounding area to check for pollution around the rig, nearby coast and sea. No sheen or sign of pollution has been found.

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Local News for Thursday 11th August 2016

Diesel leaking from grounded rig
Worst fears have been realised after a damage inspection yesterday on board the grounded rig, Transocean Winner, showed diesel leaking from two of the four storage tanks. A damage assessment team from Smit Salvage and Transocean spent three and a half hours on Tuesday checking the structural integrity of the rig,  During the inspection the salvors discovered two of the fuel tanks breached, though it’s unclear how much oil has been released from the tanks. Yesterday’s weather made it impossible for salvors to continue the assessment.

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