Local News for Friday 21st September 2018

The latest data published by sportscotland that Active Schools is going from strength to strength with national figures at an all-time high and 7.3 million participant sessions delivered in 2017/18, an increase of 6% from 2016/17.
Contributing to the national figures, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar ran 45,397 participant sessions in the last year, and 1,597 individual children and young people took part in a whole range of sports and physical activities in those sessions.
There has been a 2% increase overall in the percentage of the school roll now participating in Active Schools sessions nationally with 2,081 of those sessions delivered in the Western Isles.

Cllr Angus McCormack, Chairman of the Education, Sport and Children’s Services Committee, said:
“The Active Schools programme in the Western Isles continues to have a positive impact as part of our commitment to providing opportunities for our young people to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Active Schools is a fantastic example of what can be achieved with focused partnership working, between national and local organisations, helping to make a difference to the lives of the young people in our communities through a wide range of support.”

Police in the Western Isles are urging drivers to be aware of vulnerable road users, particularly horses. Officers in the islands have recently received concerned messages from local riders about cars passing their animals too close and too fast.
Western Isles Area Commander Chief Inspector Ian Graham said:
"Horse riders have every right to be on the road and should be able to travel safely.
I would encourage drivers to slow down to a maximum of 15 mph and leave at least a cars' width between their vehicle and the horse if possible. Even the most well trained horse can be unpredictable if frightened by a car and that can put the rider, animal and even the driver in danger. Anyone who is found not to have given sufficient space is putting themselves at risk of being charged with careless or even dangerous driving.
"I would also encourage horse riders to make sure they can be seen as clearly as possible by wearing high-visibility clothing and giving suitable signals.
"We are planning to carry out proactive work on the roads in relation to safe driving around horses in the coming weeks and will continue working with partners to ensure the Western Isles is safe for all road users."

The Grand Ballroom of Lews Castle provided a fine setting for the intergenerational Tea Dance Nuair Bha Mi Òg held during the summer. Nuair Bha Mi Òg has been an inspiration of the Lewis and Harris Youth Councils and to celebrate 2018s Year of Young People (YOYP), where plans were formed to hold tea parties across the islands.
This event tied in with Alzheimers Awareness Week, with the aim of bringing together all ages at a social event to encourage sharing of stories and memories.
Supporting the planning of the event were representatives from Community Learning and Development and Museum nan Eilean. Invitations were sent out to senior citizens’ groups across the island. Around 80 attended on the day.
Those present were welcomed to the ballroom by Malcolm Macdonald, Chairman of the Stornoway Historical Society, then it was afternoon tea and some accordion music. Cllr Gordon Murray gave grace and spoke about the importance of facilitating interaction between the generations. The conversations continued to flow with old photos, and memory boxes created for the Cuimhne project, used to get the ball rolling.
Organisers wish to thank the Nicolson Institute for supporting this event. The event was funded by YOYP Youth Community Action Fund and Museum nan Eilean.