Local News for Wednesday 20th June 2018

Iron Age House re-turfed
The Iron Age House roof at Bosta has been completely re-roofed, in one marathon six-hour session, thanks to local volunteers. As a reconstruction of one of the original Iron Age Houses found at Bosta, the house is also an experimental archaeological site. Because there was no evidence of what the roof was made of, different roofing techniques have been tried, first thatch and now turf. Five years ago a layer of turf dug from the surrounding area and the common grazing was laid. This proved insufficient for the job and by this spring was mostly gone, due to weather and rabbit damage. Having tried to find suitable turf in the area, Bernera Historical Society decided to import turf from the mainland and lay it over the roof area. This time three to four layers have been applied across the whole area which is hoped will knit together and provide a deeper and longer lasting surface. There was some turf left over and this was laid in the Bosta Cemetery to cover some of the bare patches, while excess compost was given to the Community polytunnels.

Cats Protection’s angel fundraiser
A man identified only as ‘Steve T’ has adopted the Lewis and Harris branch of Cats Protection, and is setting out on a two day climb up Ben Nevis on July 13th, to raise funds for them. He chose the Harris and Lewis branch because it receives the lowest amount of sponsorship across all branches in the UK. Steve plans to camp wild – something he doesn’t expect to enjoy – and to add donations by making cat collars for sale. He has already smashed his initial target of £150, with a total to date of over £750 raised, including Gift Aid. Steve said: “I'm doing it for Cats Protection because I like cats and I want them to be content. The minimum I need to raise is £150, but I'm going to raise as much as possible. I plan to supplement your generous donations by making and selling adjustable breakaway cat collars from Liberty fabrics.” You can find Steve’s JustGiving page by following the link on our Facebook page. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/stevenevis

Circus comes to town
The circus is coming to town in July as Circus Montini includes Tong in their first ever Highland tour. The circus will be pitched on the football ground at Tong Hall from July 2nd to 7th, with a dazzling cast of international artistes bringing acrobatics, comedy, juggling, illusion and aerial feats. There are no animals and the circus promises high quality family entertainment with something for everyone. They say: “In a world full of digital and virtual entertainment with computer games and the internet, nothing can ever beat bringing the whole family together to witness the magic of a live performance.”

Wednesday night football
There are two more league football games tonight at 7pm – Ness v Carloway at Fivepenny and Back against Westside at Coll. Point secured their place at the top of the table on Monday with a 1-6 win over Aths at Goathill, but have Lochs snapping at their heels only one win and three points behind.